Magic in Harmony Park

Sunset in Lithuania deserves a whole new post. I am actually not used to sit and just look at the sunset, but in Lithuania, it was really mind-blowing. Once in a while, simple things can impact you even if in the beginning you are not aware of it.

Connecting with nature for two weeks helped me appreciate life’s gifts, and it was inspiring, but most important, it slowed down my perception of time.

Almost every night around 10 pm we were putting kids to sleep and running behind the house to watch the sunset. Sometimes alone, sometimes with other camp mentors. Just sitting, usually without talking, seeing the same, interpreting various; someone just sighs as he/she/I saw the promise of a mysterious night lingers in the air. We did not dare to look directly at each other, as no one wants to interrupt others` nocturnal creatures warming up for their nightly symphonies. Or we were scared to miss any moments, as it doesn’t last, so we have to enjoy it at that moment or it’s gone. Always different, ranging from wonderful to magical and mind-boggling. The colors, the clouds, the serenity, the wonder, the sense of oneness.




Just once I said, “I would like to know what people think while watching a sunset. I just caught myself in really strange thoughts.”

And I got answers “It doesn’t have to be nice thoughts while watching it, it can be really sad.”

“I was thinking how this beautiful sunset is a marvelous sunrise for someone just a few horizons away.”



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