About me

I started writing my own travel blog, as I love exploring cultures, the living tissue of certain society, and I love to write about those moments that allow us to compare, exchange ideas, aspirations, and break the presumption about differences or convictions.

My writing philosophy is focusing on this kind of traveling experience but also on the semantic aspects of space, mind, and language. My interests are extending to discursive formations and the cognitive components of culture. Between my posts, you can also read about the cultural gender issues, as I am very interested in broadening the range of this issue connected to travel writing. More often than not I end up traveling by myself, so I relate to this experience to clear up all those myths that are designed to scare women away from traveling on their own.

My travel writing posts are subjective zones, readers ride through my imagination while feeling an ineffable compound of the place and myself.

I travel, initially, to lose myself; and I travel, next, to find myself. I am traveling in search of the unknown, for an easily excited feeling, for the better inspiration, for the blissful taste of isolation.