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Yellow minute of Tirana

When we left Tirana that afternoon, M. asked me:

“So, what did you see in Tirana, Tina?”

– Facades.

And the city of contrast. Elegant and riotous, drab and rainbow. The quirky city with its massive construction projects, a wild mix of colorful communist buildings.


I know it didn’t belong to me but would always be there to turn to…

Later that day I woke up in a medieval town that seems to be torn straight out of the pages of a storybook; in the fantasyland of cobbled streets, pointy spires and red-tiled turrets. Cafe workers dressed in vintage clothing embraced their heritage and stood proudly as they ushered guests into Estonian restaurants and pulled them to their fragrant almond kiosks.


So, if you ask me if Riga is a beautiful city? I think for most of the people – absolutely. I found Riga utterly charming. It’s lovely. It’s old. It has history, art, and culture, and looks gorgeous. While walking you can picture elegant men and women strolling arm in arm on the tiny streets of Riga nourished by Russian glamour and extravagances Art Nouveau boulevards.

Aristocracy vs Pinkosensitivism

In Vilnius definitely, we had an amazing time as we experienced Vilnius with locals. With its easy, confident charm and a warm, golden glow it made me wish to stay in Vilnius for every summer evening, every year (as I know that I wouldn’t survive their winter 🙁 )

Magic in Harmony Park

Sunset in Lithuania deserves a whole new post. I am actually not used to sit and just look at the sunset, but in Lithuania, it was really mind-blowing. Once in a while, simple things can impact you even if in the beginning you are not aware of it.

Connecting with nature for two weeks helped me appreciate life’s gifts, and it was inspiring, but most important, it slowed down my perception of time.

Don’t judge a fish on it’s ability to climb a tree

Traveling to Lithuania turned out to be a pleasant surprise. I didn’t know what to expect from this tiny Baltic country, as I barely knew few things about it. It turned out to be an amazing and unique country, which lead me to want to get to know more about it.

That wasn’t a problem at all, as working with kids for two weeks was more than a great pleasure for finding out a lot of interesting facts about their country. And not just that…